A Design AwardsA Design Awards

Other conspicuous international design prizes:

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Car PrizeDiligence PrizeHitech Prize
Hotel PrizeUser Interface PrizePhotography Prize
Industrial Product PrizeProfessionals PrizeReady-Made Prize
Software PrizeStudents PrizeYoung Professional Prize
Artist PrizeNagradi PrizeMetaawards Prize
Priser PrizeArchitectural PrizeBusiness Card Prize
Manufacturing Technology PrizeYachts and Sailors PrizeReady-Made Prize
Interdisciplinary PrizeVehicle PrizeEuropean Prize
Spacecraft PrizeDesign Collage PrizeGreatest Architecture Prize
Masters' PrizeDesignPreis PrizeLeading Prize
Top Architecture PrizeArt Materials PrizePortfolio Prize
Portfolios PrizeWorkshop and Warehouse PrizeJewelry Prize
Consumeables PrizeMarine Vessels PrizeMedical Goods Prize
Tradeshow PrizeYellow Goods PrizeElectronic Goods Prize
Interaction Design PrizeEngineering PrizeGraphic Advertisements Prize

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